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300 Logo RFP MMICEsales is our dedicated sales and marketing division, specialising within the MICE industry, consisting of a team of industry experts that pride ourselves in helping clients to develop market exposure and business generation from the United Kingdom MICE market.

With extensive experience in driving events from the UK MICE market to properties both domestically and around the world, we are designed to be an effective way for suppliers to conduct business and very simply build relationships with these planners. With our extensive experience in MICE sales within the UK MICE market, our success is in creating opportunities for our customers that on their own would not be able to achieve or make possible either through budgetary or geographical boundaries and restraints.


What does working with MICEsales really mean?

As a partner of MICEsales, you have an opportunity to access sales and marketing opportunities from these key markets. MICEsales opens doors that as an individual business you may or would not be able to achieve through your present business, networking and marketing.

The benefits to our partners are invaluable to their individual businesses, creating sales and marketing opportunities at every turn, with substantial cost savings at every stage of the business process. With face to face sales calls each month, the opportunity for escorted sales trips, extensive research and prospecting for new business, marketing opportunities and our dedicated reservations team, MICEsales is the ideal partner for any hotel or venue – that wishes to drive more MICE business to their property.


Our Promise to YOU…

“Should we not return to you within twelve months a 200% return on investment – the following twelve months membership will be entirely free of charge…”


The Package

- 12 month membership of MICEsales with our promise of return on investment

- Guaranteed 200% return on investment or the following year’s membership free of charge

- Member’s online presence and meeting facilities will be pro actively promoted and sold by a dedicated sales team on the road across the UK as well as through a dedicated call centre searching for business opportunities

- The member will have direct access to our MICE buyers when enquiries are made – we will place you directly in touch, at which stage you liaise directly and build relations for future business

- Editorial inclusion of 4 emails in our bi-weekly newsletters over a 12 month period (client to decide dates and provide relevant editorial content)

- Member will have the ability to promote special offers and need periods through our channels

- Member will have the opportunity to participate in all MICEsales organised events throughout the membership year, including road shows, trade shows and all networking events (Subject to additional costs)

MICEsales will organize and manage bespoke events for members on request, whether it be a private dinner in London or sales road show in and around Manchester, MICEsales will source the right clients and venues to ensure the event exceeds your expectations (Subject to additional costs)

Examples of Additional Opportunities…

- Additional inclusions within the bi-weekly Meeting Planner email newsletters 

- Inclusion of collateral at industry exhibitions

- Submission to Corporate MICE RFP Programs


Please do note that acceptance to the MICEsales Membership is subject to our review and hotels / venues will not automatically qualify for membership.

Contact us now to discuss your needs or click here to view our online collateral….

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