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At Black Pearl, under our “Private Label Sales” collection, our sales and marketing team provide proactive, targeted and tailor-made sales and marketing activities for individual hotels and brands around the world. We at Black Pearl assist by ensuring that through every stage of your sales and marketing strategy all market and geographical sectors are covered, ensuring you are connected to key target audiences, whilst continually driving those all important sales and of course ensuring a measurable return on investment.

Black Pearl will create and deliver a tailor-made sales and marketing plan that complements your central strategy and maximises your potential… we do NOT offer a “one-size fits all” approach to sales & marketing within our “Private Label Sales”.

Our clients will generally require sales in incremental or offshore markets not currently covered by their own sales teams, and Black Pearl’s extensive network, sales performance and systems are proven winners in delivering revenue and quality sales performance. Our experience and expertise in the industry mean that Black Pearl are perfectly placed to promote those looking to build a strong and noticeable presence within the global marketplace. Increasingly, clients are also seeking sales assistance for their core or home markets, to help enhance and expand their sales coverage by reaching new customers, exploring the potential of niche accounts, and in developing specific channels of targeted accounts or customers.

Black Pearl dedicates resources to our clients efforts, which offers focused sales support resulting in greater revenue and greater return on investment to our client. We do NOT stretch our people’s resources to the detriment of our clients.

At Black Pearl our clients can choose by market segment and geographical coverage, to create the solution that best meets their outsourcing needs and budgets for their dedicated and personally branded field sales. We work with the client to understand the sales strategy, the opportunities and challenges, and we develop a bespoke tactical sales and marketing plan, and then manage these to exceed your goals and objectives.

At Black Pearl we tailor all of our services to each individual client to ensure flexibility and achievement of objectives and targets. Our philosophy is that your objectives are instantly our own!

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